Preparing Your Deck For Summer

With summer now officially started, it’s the absolute peak season of outdoor decks in Philadelphia, which means that modular deck that has been untouched for 9 months is quickly anticipating its usage. Before you prepare for those outdoor barbecues, there are a few things to consider

Make sure to have the deck fixed.

After years of the kids running all over the pressure treated woods, the neighbors spilling beer after neighborhood barbecues, and annual weather damage, the deck has rotted. Many outdated deck designs use cheaper materials that cannot withstand the harshness of normal deck use. To check the deck’s foundation, make sure you look for rotting underneath the deck to determine whether a replacement is feasible or if fixing/restaining is the better choice. If you’re unsure, have DollarDeck come out for a free estimate to help you choose. Fortunately, either is an easy fix that will leave your deck looking good as new before your Fourth of July festivities. DollarDeck offers top of the line stains and finishes that will guarantee a beautiful deck that won’t need renovations for another 10+ years.

Add pallet bars.

While obviously not a necessity, pallet bars will add a whole new modern aspect to your modular deck that your neighbors will eye with jealousy. DollarDeck offers customizable pallet bars with several layers of glossy finish that are perfect for any food or drink display, absolutely perfect for any outdoor event. The catch is, it’s not nearly as expensive as your neighbors think it is! With customization to any budget or deck design you may have, DollarDeck’s designers will work directly with the customers to ensure their pallet bar is the best it can be for the cheapest price.

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