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Affordable Deck Solutions in Montgomery County, PA

DollarDeck is the best Philadelphia deck company with coverage of many locations all over Montgomery County, PA. With our carefully curated pressure treated woods and our made-to-order customization, it’s no wonder we have the best decks in the area. We take pride in our durability and quality, which is why we only incorporate the finest woods such as oak or maple in our deck designs. We also provide top-of-the-line deck staining, refinishing, and fixing services to ensure your wooden decks are left looking polished and new all year round. Local deck contractor DollarDeck takes every request seriously, working directly with our customers to make the best suitable deck designs for your one-of-a-kind outdoor living space at prices that work for you.

Your Deck Designer in Montco

Deck builder DollarDeck has been providing cheap decks all across Montgomery County, PA since before the rise of modular and portable decks. As a new and innovative way of decking, modular decks have become increasingly popular in the area due to durability, efficiency, and minimizing damage. With no digging holes or nailing pieces together, the modular model makes portable decks possible. Other deck companies cannot compare outdated uses of wooden decks to the innovative and affordable decks of DollarDeck.

Get Your Next Modular Deck Today

We provide affordable decks, starting from $795 and varying depending on your specific deck design needs. In addition to our two preset portable deck sizes, our local deck builders can work with you to build a custom modular deck that is just right for you. As you can see, in addition to our incredibly affordable prices our deck company is able to offer amazing service. Other deck companies just can’t compete with us in these regards. So if you or a friend is looking for a beautiful wooden deck for cheap in the Montgomery County Area, look no further than DollarDeck.

Hand-made Wooden Decks

While we do believe that we are the best affordable deck company in Montgomery County, we do not limit ourselves to this area exclusively. We believe we have the best portable wooden decks in South Jersey available, as well as affordable decks in Bucks County. So if you or a friend is looking to buy a modular deck for cheap anywhere throughout the Greater Philadelphia area, please let us help turn your dreams into a reality.

Call us for Your Next Deck Project

At DollarDeck we recognizes that a deck is not just a deck, but a gateway to your perfect outdoor experience, one that we hope to provide to you. To transform your Montgomery County backyard into the perfect outdoor experience please contact us today. You can call or visit our site for more information about your specific deck design needs.











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